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Dream Eye Travel Size Multi-Purpose Solution-Multi-Purpose Solution-UNIQSO

Dream Eye Travel Size Multi-Purpose Solution

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For soft contact lenses. Cleans, Rinses, Stores, Disinfects, Removes Protein & Rewets. Get all the benefits you want in one product! Enjoy the convenience of cleansing, rinsing, storing, disinfecting, and protein removal all in one! Upgrade your contact lens routine with Dream Eye Travel Size Multi-Purpose Solution.



Volume: 80ml

Country of Origin: South Korea

Ingredient: 20% Polyhexamethylenbiguaride Hydrochloride


Main Features

  • Disinfection
  1. Kills a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms on your lenses to protect your eyes against infection.
  2. Removes protein and debris to thoroughly clean your lenses.


  • Comfort
  1. Rewets contact lens surface to provide lens wearing comfort.
  2. With 4 beneficial electrolytes, COMPLETE EASY RUB Formula helps promote a healthy lens wearing experience.


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