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Are you a vibrant cosplayer bringing your favorite characters to life, or a fashion-forward individual accentuating your style with stunning color contact lenses? Whatever your creative expression, our Instax photo printing service is here to immortalize your dazzling moments!


Why Choose Our Instax Photo Printing?

  1. Perfect for Cosplayers and Style Enthusiasts: Our service is tailor-made for cosplayers and daily users of color contact lenses. We understand how important it is to capture the essence of your character or the unique look you've created. Our Instax photos offer a tangible memory of your artistic expression.

  2. High-Quality, Vivid Prints: Photos will be printed via Instax mini link 2. 

  3. Affordable Keepsakes: Our Instax photos are an incredibly cost-effective way to collect memories. Whether it's a series of your cosplay journey or snapshots of your daily styles, building your photo collection won't break the bank.

  4. Instant, Tangible Memories: In a digital world, there's something uniquely special about holding a physical photo. Pin them on your wall, tuck them into your journal, or share them with friends – these prints are yours to cherish in any way you choose.

  5. Great for Sharing and Gifting: Instax photos are not just for you. They make perfect gifts for fellow cosplayers, friends, and family. Share your passion, offer them as tokens of friendship, or send them as personalized thank-you notes to your fans and supporters.


How to Order?

Add this item to your cart and checkout. Then email your image and mention your order number to our Support Team!


Instax Size: 53 x 86 mm

Photo Aspect Ratio : 1 : 1.348 (Anything wider will be cropped)


Special Offer – FREE Photos!

To make it even better, we're throwing in a fantastic deal. Place an order above certain amount (check the gift box at the bottom left!), and you'll receive Instax photos absolutely FREE! It's our way of saying thank you and encouraging you to keep creating and capturing. 

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