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Stella Eyelashes - Collagen-Eyelash-Glue-Fake Eyelash Glue-UNIQSO

Stella Eyelashes - Collagen-Eyelash-Glue

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Place of Origin Taiwan


About Collagen
Collagen is a fibrous protein that plays a very important role in various structures of the human body.

It comprises 25 to 35 percent of all protein content in the body. As we get older,  our body tends to produce less collagen or lower quality collagen, causing loss of skin elasticity, sags, and stretches and dries out causing more and deeper wrinkles. The level of collagen is reduced by approximately 1.5 percent a year starting from the ages of 25 to 30. By the age of 45, the total level of collagen has decreased by about 30 percent. This continuous decrease affects the tissues and the skin condition. 

All these signs are specific to the aging process and this is why as people age, they strive to preserve what remains of their skin's youthful appearance. They may purchase age-defying creams, anti-wrinkle moisturizers or vitamin-enriched lotions. Many of these consumer products contain collagen, a protein that gives skin structural support in order to keep it firm and smooth.

Collagen, as a food ingredient has a  texturizing effect while as a cosmetic ingredient, it has a moisturizing effect on the skin. It is also known to make the skin firmer, treat aging signs such as wrinkles and skin sagging. 

Collagen is now seen in almost every cosmetics brand from America to Asia. It is available as an eye cream, night cream, serum, facial foam, mask, and filler.  

Collagen on Eyelashes Glue
Women who apply fashion eyelash on a regular basis, seek on a strong lasting eyelash glue but may not be aware of the amount of ingredients mix that produces a strong bonding effect. Hence, stressing on your eyelids over time especially when you are wearing on eyelash glue frequently.  
Stella Fashion Eyelashes® has uniquely introduced collagen on its new eyelash glue.  
Collagen in the glue works as a protein supplement to promote healthy skin - your eyelids. 
Protects and soothes your eyelids. Maintaining a firmer skin, and a rejuvenating effect.

Stella Eyelashes Glue
On this new product development, first of its kind of product in our market and probably the world of which no other brands have introduced. 

Besides Collagen, Stella eyelash glue has more than 40% water-based in its content of ingredient, in other words it contains more in natural ingredient. 
Pioneering in such a new development has always been our brand element, and today we would are offering this best quality product to our customers.

·    Protein for the skin
·    Rejuvenating effect
·    Soothe your eyelids
·    More than 40% of water-based yet offering a good bonding effect
·    Premium quality


Instruction for use
The glue has a very good bonding effect.  And speedy dry at about 10 sec.  It is white in colour when you apply initially.  When half dry about time to fix the eyelash to your eyelid, it will become transparent.  So, it is clear type glue.

-  Brush on eyelash glue mildly and evenly along the lashband of your eyelash
-  You may want to glue up extra volume over both corners of the eyelash
-  Wait for about 10 seconds, you will find the glue turning transparent
-  It is the best time to fix on the eyelash
-  Once it is fitted on, wait for another 30sec and it is done.

Note:  Do not apply the glue and fix the eyelash immediately.  You will need to wait for about 10sec on half-dry condition to fix on the eyelashes. In doing so, you will get the best bonding result. If you fix on the eyelashes immediately after gluing, chances that the glue will not be as sticky as we have presented to you. 

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